100 hour programs


100 hour Immersion – Explore the Fundamentals of Blissology

In the 100hr Immersion you’ll go deeper into the world of Blissology, its philosophy and alignment principles; and refine techniques to embody yoga asana from both a foundational level to advanced practice.

This course also fulfills the 1st 100 hours of our 200hr teacher training program and will give you a comprehensive introduction to Eoin Finn’s revolutionary and modern approach to anatomy, yoga philosophy and living the yoga lifestyle.

If you are a Yogi looking to deepen your practice; a yoga teacher working toward your first 200hr certificate; or an established teacher interested in advanced 500 hour training with Blissology, this course is ideal for you.

Topics covered include:

Understanding Blissology Yoga’s intuitive Alignment principles, Anatomy, Physiology, Philosophy, Biomechanical Principles, How to let your life’s purpose emerge on and off the mat, Classical Philosophy and how to adapt it to the needs of the Modern Era while recognizing and celebrating the Bliss in your life.

Embody your life’s mission through this course with Eoin Finn, Insiya Rasiwala-Finn and the Blissology Teachers’ Collective.

Our commitment is to offer you a pathway to bring more love, awe and joy into the world before you leave the planet.

Upcoming 100hr Immersions:

APRIL 12 -23, 2017 in BALI, INDONESIA

This is going to be an incredible, deep and insightful course.  It is ideal if you are a teacher looking to rekindle and reignite your teaching tool kit, for practitioners who want to take their yoga deep and simply to LEARN, BE OPEN and LIVE from a PLACE OF AUTHENTIC PURPOSE.

Don’t miss our EcoKarma Event right after the Immersion on April 25th – 26th. We will transplant coral for reef restoration!

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