What is Blissology?

What is Blissology

There is a  still place within, a source of infinite joy, love and bliss. When we are in touch with this place life ceases to be merely about us and we feel deeply connected to the well being of our body/mind, our personal relationships, our community and nature.  Blissology is about deepening our awareness of this place so we can be a positive force in the world.

LOGO_textRThe Blissology Symbol

The Blissology symbol really explains our philosophy. The white circle represents the still place inside that fills us with love.   Then there is a series of “part flame and part teardrops” to symbolize both the great joys and great sorrows that open us up to the love inside of us.  The first flame represents our connection to our bodies, the beige flame to our personal relationships, the green to our communities and the finally the blue flame represents our connection to nature.

This is our mission. To connect to the still place inside and let it guide us in all our relationships so we leave a legacy of Love.