Nandi Yoga – San Mateo, CA – June 2017

Posted by Katarina Tavcar on March 14, 2017

Event start date: Saturday, Jun-10-17 / Event end date: Saturday, Jun-10-17

Nandi Yoga, WP

Nail your Arm Balances!
June 10th, 2017, 13:00 – 16:00
All levels welcome

Whether arm balances scare you or exhilarate you, there you will pick up incredible tricks of the trade through this Blissology Alignment Immersion.  This is the definitive arm balance workshop that will catapult your practice into the realm of total bliss by getting the physics of arm balances down.  You will see that arm balances are not only fun but they can be can be very therapeutic as well! You will feel childlike exhilaration mixed with zen, sthria (steadiness) and sukha (comfort).  This workshop uses traditional wisdom from the Krisnamacharya tradition mixed with unique and progressive Blissology Yoga methodology. This class is suitable for all levels from beginner to yoga teacher. Come play!

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