Eco Karma Project 2014 – Coral Reef Edition, Florida Keys

Posted by blissologist on May 2, 2014

Event start date: Friday, Dec-05-14 / Event end date: Sunday, Dec-07-14

- The Vision
Indiegogo Campaign – Show your support
- The Schedule
- Where to stay
- How to sign up

The Vision?

This year for my birthday I am asking for your help in our Eco-Karma Yoga campaign to save our beautiful yet imperiled oceans! Join me on my birthday and dive into the experience of a lifetime.  Redefine “Restorative Yoga:”  Restore your body while restoring our oceans.

The ocean is a shrine of interconnection and an essential source of life on this planet. As a surfer, I see first hand the detrimental effects humans are having on the ocean.

Especially now as I get older, I cannot spend another day without doing something about it.  My goal is to restore 1 km2 of our imperiled coral reefs in Key Largo, Florida this year.

You can JOIN ME IN PERSON, roll up your sleeves to transplant coral in Florida OR DONATE to become an “Eco Karma yogi.”

Karma is the offering of unselfish service – our offering to the world. I want us to connect our love for ecology with both the physical yoga practice and selfless service of Karma yoga.  We need your help to reach our goal of $18,000 to fund this Eco-Karma coral reef restoration projects.

Love is the Ultimate Renewable Resource.

Blissology Ocean Karma Project 2014 — Florida Edition from blissology on Vimeo.

Can’t make it but want to support our cause?

Check out our Indigogo campaign
We want to make it to the $24,000 mark to rebuild an entire reef! Help us with our vision! The ocean and all it’s creatures thank you!



Eco Karma Schedule

Friday, Dec 5, 2014:

4:30pm   Sunset Yoga at Casa Morada with Eoin
Dinner at Casa Morada

Saturday, Dec 6, 2014:

Breakfast at Casa Morada
9:30am Meet at the Coral Restoration Foundation
Opening Ceremony, Partner Yoga and Meditation
Ecology tour for Non-Divers

4:30pm Sunset Yoga at Casa Morada with Eoin
Eoin’s Birthday Dinner at Casa Morada

Sunday, Dec 7, 2015

7- 8:30am AM YOGA and closing ceremony at Casa Morada
Breakfast at Casa Morada

Please contact us for Dive specific schedule

transplanting coral
coral restoration

Where to stay:

Casa Morada We highly recommend staying here, it is an incredible eco resort close to the Coral Restoration Foundation. They are offering us special Blissology Eco Karma rates for this time.

How to sign up:

Enjoy two nights accommodation at the beautiful Casa Morada, includes a nightly dinner (For one person additional dinners my be purchased here) and breakfast each morning. In addition participate in daily free yoga with globally renowned yogi Eoin Finn, and a coral restoration dives.

Group dinners will be held Dec. 5th & 6th at Casa Morada with proceeds going towards Coral Restoration Foundation.

Cost: $60 per person - Secure you seat today!

Coral Restoration Dives Dec 6th

Cost: $215.00 including scuba gear - Register Today!

For more information please email Kristinann at Vanguard PR


Why the Coral Reefs?

We are so intimately connected to the ocean.  Every tear and every drop of sweat comes and goes from the ocean. Every second breath we take is produced by the plankton in our Oceans. It is the source of countless life forms. The Coral Reefs are like the rain forests of the ocean.  They cover a mere 1% of the ocean floor yet astoundingly they are home to approximately 25% of all marine life! Today coral reefs around the world are in danger.  Some estimates show how approximately 10% of the world’s coral reefs are dead and about 60% of the world’s reefs are at risk due to human-related activities. By the 2030s, 90% of reefs are expected to be at risk from both human activities and climate change.

Let’s do something about this now! Let’s leave a legacy of positive change for the oceans of past and future generations. Connect to your Higher Porpoise! Let’s deepen our connection to each other, restore our bodies while restoring the ocean this December in Key Largo, Florida.


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