Yoga Worx – Perth, Australia – May 2017

Posted by Katarina Tavcar on March 14, 2017

Event start date: Friday, May-19-17 / Event end date: Sunday, May-21-17

Perth, WP

Eoin is stoked to be coming back to Australia for a short tour in May and June 2017!

Blissology Yoga Immersion: The Art of Creating an Upward Spiral.
Yoga Worx, Perth
May 19th – 21st  2017,
Open to all levels


Experience yoga from a deeper perspective in this inspiring weekend of workshops with global yoga teacher Eoin Finn. Eoin’s transformative Blissology yoga system offers a unique and intelligent approach to yoga alignment and links the physical hatha – vinyasa yoga practice to the more subtle energetic yoga to heal your body, mind and heart while nourishing our connection to community, nature and the web of life.

Each workshop will offer students the opportunity to practice and learn to embody progressive ways of constructing yoga asanas (postures), understanding their biomechanics as well as energetic subtleties and experience them in a flow. Expect to feel lighter in body and heart with Eoin’s joyful approach to teaching and being on the mat.

Friday May 19th 2017 – 17:00 to 19:30 –  sthira + sukha: the art of core integration

 In this dynamic and inspirational workshop, Eoin Finn shares key insights culled from years of exploring yoga, modern bio-mechanical principles and powerful Blissology alignment methodology to allow you to feel a sense of spaciousness and ease in yoga asana that comes from an integrated body.  Be ready to re-discover a sense of lightness in both basic poses and to get upside down with confidence, joy and presence.  We will explore the power of the arches, the distribution of forces in the body and what core-integration really means. Expect both detail work and a vinyasa yoga practice that will allow you to practice yoga asanas with more intelligence and skill.

Using a combination of theory, alignment instruction, drills, practice and embodiment, students will experience how to move from their core in an integrated and empowering way.  Expect time for theory and ‘workshopping’ the yoga postures, followed by a flow practice to tie in the concepts in a tangible way.  Open to all levels, from beginners to yoga teachers.  Variations for every asana are always provided in each workshop.


Saturday May 20th 2017 – 12:00 – 14:30 – melt my shoulders, bliss my hips

Learn how to create openings in your body and heart that will leave you feeling lighter, connected and more joyous. This unique workshop combines an energetic vinyasa flow to help you become more fit and strong; along with a deep exploration of alignment principles unique to the Blissology system that will allow you to yield more deeply in your practice in a safe way. We will examine and understand small micro-movements that offer exquisite refinements to your yoga poses so you can move more freely in your hips and the shoulders. Expect to feel as if you have had a massage and shed years of stress and tension. Ultimately, this practice is about keeping our most inner and joyous heart open to the radiance of life

Expect a vigourous vinyasa practice along with deep, refined insights that impact the alignment of the pelvic and shoulder girdle and allow the yoga asana practice to become a joyful opening to the radiance of life.

Open to all levels; beginners will find lots to work with, while advanced practitioners can experience more subtle evolutions to their practice. Some familiarity with vinyasa flow is recommended.


Saturday May 20th 2017 – 16:00 – 18:30 – ecstatic backbends

Nothing makes us feel younger than a well-executed backbend, yet nothing makes us feel older than backbends that are pushed too far. Some people are naturally “back-bendy” while others find backbends are their more challenging poses. Wherever you are on this spectrum, in this workshop you will discover powerful tools to customise backbends to be ideal for your unique anatomy, using Blissology’s intelligent insights to create deep and therapeutic poses. Expect both theory and vinyasa practice that will help you to find a deep sense of freedom, joy and ecstasy in your backbends and all yoga asanas.

A tangible understanding of how to practice backbends in a way that is deep, therapeutic and customisable to your own practice and your own body. If you’ve never considered backbends to be ecstatic, after this workshop, you will.


Sunday May 21st 2017 – 10:30 – 13:00 – chakras: bring calm, clarity + light into your life

Open up your deepest consciousness in this paradigm shifting workshop that includes a short lecture, a rocking vinyasa practice and tangible tools to bring calm, clarity and light into our lives.  Eoin offers a masterful interpretation of the ancient yogic chakra system that can change our ability to self-regulate our stresses and our fears.  Not only will you get fit, strong and flexible, but you will also learn strategies that will contribute to the most fulfilling life possible.

Students will gain insight into the yogic chakra system, along with powerful Blissology inspired insights to apply it to the daily yoga practice.  The lecture will be followed by a flowing vinyasa practice.


Sunday May 21st, 2017 – 14:00 – 16:30 – superflow

Flow is the essence of our being-it involves being present to every breath that we take and to our collective universal breath. In alignment-based flow yoga we move in a linear synchronicity, patterning our bodies to the alignment of yoga asanas. While this moving in a linear fashion is incredible way of learning and discipline, we tend to focus on too much, while ignoring our innate developmental movement patterns, the spiralling, circular forms of movement that are essential to our innate selves that we call “superflow.” Drawing inspiration from yoga, ancient martial arts, dance, surfing, ski and snowboard  maneuvers,

Super Flow is an ecstatic form of movement. Set to music, it starts off slowly, allowing ourselves to feel centered and open in our bodies. Gradually we build up in intensit, spiralling back in touch with the joy of movement.

Superflow is not a replacement of yoga as we know it, but a powerful complement to the regular yoga practice, offering a little more exuberance and a little less introverted energy. It complements static movements with rhythmic flow. You will sweat, release and feel the life force pulsing through you.


To register, visit Yoga Work’s website.

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