Wanderlust Stratton – June 2017

Posted by Katarina Tavcar on March 13, 2017

Event start date: Thursday, Jun-22-17 / Event end date: Sunday, Jun-25-17

WL Stratton, WP

Join Eoin in the stunning natural beauty of Wanderlust Stratton.

This transformational retreat bring together world-class teachers, tastemakers, and experts in mindful living in a fun-filled, creative environment.

Choose your own adventure with multi-level yoga and meditation sessions, mouthwatering organic and whole foods, heart-pumping music, inspiring lectures and workshops, and boundary-pushing outdoor activities. Wander with us and find your true north.

Thursday, June 22
14:00 – 15:30
Loose, Free and Happy

The art of Yoga is to tune into the wisdom of the body so we may better understand when to relax and when to push. This class will definitely increase your fitness and flexibility, but this is just the beginning. Expect a fluid Blissology Flow practice that will embrace the fire when it’s time to work and will let go and reconnect to inner bliss when it’s time to relax. Be ready to feel supremely loose, free and happy. Plenty of modifications given to make this flow open to various levels.


Friday, June 23
12:00 – 13:30
Magically Hips Workshop

Join Yogi, Surfer and Blissologist, Eoin Finn in this workshop to maximize the joy in your booty, mind and soul. Learn how to safely turn tragic hips into magic hips and free your inner James Brown. We will explore the anatomy of the pelvis mapping out the territory of the hip muscles. With this knowledge of optimum alignment, we can safely set sail on our journey towards hip mobility and freedom. This uniquely sequenced flowing series of poses will leave you feeling blissful and ecstatic. All levels… All Good Format, meaning there will be modifications for beginners and plenty of juiciness for intermediates and advanced yogis. Life is way too short to have tight hips. Come enjoy.


Friday, June 23
16:00 – 17:30
The Skill of Chill

Be ready for a deep Blissology Slow Flow Yoga Practice and an incredible meditation experience that is nothing short of paradigm shifting. Eoin will share intuitive tools and techniques that will allow us to be more present and feel the profound connection to our bodies, our community and nature that this presence opens us up to. Discover how understanding the adrenals and nervous system serves to balance out our Chakra system and bring calm, clarity and light into your life as we open up to our deepest consciousness.


Saturday, June 24
10:00 – 11:30
Blissed and Blessed

Don’t miss this celebration the power of yoga, community, music and nature. Expect a deep, fluid Blissology Yoga flow and some epic music. The goal is fill our cups with joy and light so we can go back to our communities and be a positive force in this world. You will leave blissed and blessed beyond words. The world needs your smile.


Sunday, June 25
14:00 – 15:30
Yoga Rockstar: Classis Rock Vinyasa Flow

Hey, Hey Mama said the way you move, Gonna make you sweat gonna make you groove! This Blissology Yoga class is going to be a fun, uplifting and completely redefines a rocking vinyasa yoga class! Take a walk on the wild side and be ready to break on through to the other side. Build a stairway to heaven as we knock you out with our American (and Aussie) thighs. It’ll be Paradise City as Dudes who look like ladies and twisted sisters kiss the sky and tune into that sweet emotion. Breathe, Learn to Fly, Close your eyes for that double pigeon and bust out some wild things that make your heart sing while releasing our beast of burdens. Blissology Yoga will be burning down the house and we’ll fight for our right to party like it’s 1999! It’s time to come together and Let Love Rule! ** This class will be held in a black light venue! Shine bright by wearing bright whites or neons! **


For the full schedule details, more info and tickets please visit this page.

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