How to use the term Blissology.

How to use the term Blissology WP

We want to make sure Blissology is a collective movement to bring more love and connection into the world.

We are encouraging you to use the term Blissology in your yoga class and on social media.

Having said that, here are the guidelines:

In your bios:

200 – 450 hour of Blissology Modules:

Students who have completed 200 – 450 hour of Blissology Modules can use the term Blissology Inspired.

500 hour modules + approval of class video:

Those who have completed all Blissology modules + have submitted a teaching video for approval can use the term Blissology Certified.

Example on your website on your studio website write:

“John Doe is a Blissology-inspired Teacher who loves to bring their knowledge of intelligent alinement, etc…”

We encourage you to tell your studios to list “blissology yoga” as a style of yoga that you teach.

The short description of Blissology Yoga is:

Blissology Yoga emphasizes sustainable alignment, somatic intelligence, and energetic awareness.

A Blissology Yoga class is designed to release tension in our bodies caused by negative thought loops. When this tension leaves, we reconnect to our inherent sense of love, kindness and wisdom that is our true essence. 

We also believe that nature is the greatest spiritual portal. Quiet, introspective time in Nature makes us feel small, connected to everything and profoundly grateful for the miracle of life.  This leads to positive state of mind and a joyous heart.

A Blissology Yoga class is a ceremony that develops deep reverence for nature and community and gets us in touch with our wise guide inside. 

On social media:

Blissology Terminology. As you know, our phraseology, concepts and methods are unique so we prefer you reference these as much as you can.

For example, rather than saying “Toes before pose,” in your classes, it is preferred that you say, “Our Blissology mantra is ‘toes before pose,’ ” or “One cool expression we use in Blissology Yoga is ‘toes before pose.‘ ”

If you use something like, “Nothing to Prove, Everything to Share,” please credit Blissology.

Use the hashtags #blissology and #blissarmy. You can also use #upwardspiral, #blissedandblessed, #conduitforlove and, of course, #natureappreciation.

An example of the term used correctly in an Instagram post: