Advanced Alignment + Adjustments – 50-hour module

Photo: Mason Mashon

Photo: Mason Mashon


This course is all about the “Earth and Fire” elements. How to ground and resist gravity with ease and grace using Blissology Alignment principles. It is about understanding the next step in our alignment principles and teaching more complex poses, which will make harder poses more therapeutic and fun. (You don’t have to be good at inversions to do this course, they are just the litmus test for understanding alignment principles.) Spending time adjusting and understanding/using Blissology Alignment Principles feels incredible. Once you understand how to adjust, it will help with your cueing too. Our goal is to create an advanced series like Yoga Honey.

Topics include:

> Learn deep, safe adjustments.
> Understand biomechanical principles and Blissology Alignment techniques.
> Learn how to teach and assist adjustments.
> Focus on “off-axis” poses that are not just on the sagittal plane as well as inversions and more advanced poses.
> Exciting sequences with warm ups, opening and culminating in peak inversion postures.
> Art of Integration, Manipura loop, Yoga to integrate the body; relax in intensity.
> Psychology and Embodiment Principles.
> Blissology Discussions.
> Blissology rituals–bringing nature and community into classes as a central focus.
> Balancing Fun and Zen; humor with depth.

Upcoming training:

We’re running this course in Santa Cruz in August 2017. Click HERE for more details, pricing and to book your spot or check our Upcoming Trainings page to see other courses that we’re running.

In order to maintain your RYT status on Yoga Alliance, you need to report at least 30 hours of training every three years. This course will give you 50 hours towards that.