300hr Blissology Yoga Teacher Training

heart circle Participate in the Blissology Yoga 300 Hr Teacher Training: May 1st-31st 2015, BALI Indonesia

This comprehensive and powerful course takes full advantage of our deep and transformative 200hr program in the first portion of the month and  dives into an advanced immersion during the last week.

You will live, experience and embody intelligent techniques to present Yoga in a way which maximizes the health and sustainability of our bodies, while evolving the way we view life and relate to our world. We call this the art and science of Blissology.

The advanced immersion during the last 7 days of this full month of training builds on the foundation developed in the 200hr program and takes you to the next level! Especially as a new teacher.

This module will further explore the power of voice, the intuitive nature of somatic cueing and will dive deep into the art of creative sequencing. This program goes beyond the fundamentals and focuses on developing some of the more subtle skills that will allow you to truly shine with confidence in front of any class.


Meditation, Pranayama, Blissology Alignment & Biomechanical Principles, Anatomy, Vinyasa, Subtle Energy Systems, Classical Yoga Philosophy and how to bring Nature into your Practice. Expect to deepen Your Community, Follow Your Bliss, Embody Yoga Fundamentals, Learn Intelligent Adjustments, D Insiya Discussion evelop your Voice and Confidence in Front of Groups, Learn to Cue from what you feel,  cue adjustments by what students feel and create sequences that match the energy of your class


Qualify for the new 300 hour Yoga Alliance certification.