Commit to Bliss


Commit to Bliss: Release your inner Blissologist and Create an Upward Spiral in your life with this 3 or 5 day Blissology lifestyle program:

Learn how to live life with presence, joy and purpose with this transformative program designed to help you to create positive life shifts from the inside out.

Through Blissology Yoga practices, meditation aligned to modern living; and insightful discussions, we will experience why quiet time in nature is the “essential” spiritual gateway.

Learn how to read bodily feedback to release “issues from your tissues” and explore techniques to honor your body’s barometer for inner guidance and healing.  Some fluency with Hatha Yoga is recommended but you will expand your yoga practice no matter at what level you may be.

This program will deepen your connection to your “inner blissologist” and is a potent gift to your own life, to your personal relationships, your work; and to the planet itself.  Be ready to feel inspired and channel bliss.

 Upcoming Commit to Bliss Courses: TBD