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SUPERFLOW™: THE FLUID BODY – 50-hour module

These will be exceptional courses that will greatly enhance your teaching skills and root you in one of the most exciting and transformational yoga styles in the world.

Alignment based yoga is very therapeutic but limited as far as range of movement goes and the feeling it creates. Superflow complements it because it offers all different movement patterns that a regular alignment yoga class doesn’t cover—fluid movements, circular movements, energy based movements, functional movement patterns, even explosive movements.

This will have a different effect on the physical benefits of the practice and bring lots of joy. It will allow you to access both your state of calm energy and your creative and intuitive side.

As an ocean worshipper and surfer, this 5-day course is an embodiment of Eoin Finn’s love of yoga, understanding of the ocean we carry in ourselves and a desire to create sustainable habits and an understanding of ecology that is honestly a function of our own evolution. This module is about the elements “Air and Water.” We will learn the beauty of fluid movements and the subtle energy body.  Yoga is about feeling that we are really energy having the experience of being human. In this course, we will explore exquisite movements that add a whole new dimension of presence and soul to your classes. To sit still is not the way to get calm. The way to access presence and quiet mind is to let our movements be more gentle and fluid.

Topics include:CourseGoals-Superflow

> Energy Body, Fluid systems, Nervous system, Chakras and the endocrine system
> Koshas, Breathing techniques.
> Sequences that are fluid and soft, “Blissology Superflow™” movements; Tai Chi energy work
> Deep Insights about understanding the Energy Body and the “Hammock Principles”
> Including: Body Mind Psychotherapy, Chakras, Gruntis, Nadis, Chi and Prana
> Language: poetic descriptions. Using voice and language to cast create that extra dimension of beauty and depth for students.
> Blissology Discussions
> Blissology rituals –bringing nature and community into classes as a central focus
> Balancing Fun and Zen; humour with depth

This course is taught as a 5-day immersion . There will be required pre-reading, films, assigned journaling exercises and various experiential learning as well as teaching exercises. We pride ourselves on our desire for community; enjoy family meals, sunset yoga and a potential for a group surf excursion during this module.

Upcoming training:

We’re running this course in Tofino, BC in September/October 2017. Click HERE for more details, pricing and to book your spot or check our Upcoming Trainings page to see other courses that we’re running.

In order to maintain your RYT status on Yoga Alliance, you need to report at least 30 hours of training every three years. This course will give you 50 hours towards that.