Module C: Yogic by Nature


Module C: Yogic by Nature - Blissology Philosophy

Impressive things happen while sitting below a tree; Isaac Newton wrote of gravitation, the Buddha found enlightenment and we know you’ll realize much there too.

Dive deep into the philosophy of Blissology with this 75hr intensive on the beaches of the West Coast while surrounded by the sounds of breeching whales, lapping white water on the shores and tall protective forrest stand beyond the sands. This module will take you through a slough of topics hand picked by Eoin to inspire and indulge your love of nature, interest in the tao and appreciation of the transcendentalists. Enjoy reading, digesting and discussing the great concepts that tie ancient yogic texts, nature, ecology, sustainability and community during this course. Learn how to infuse this deep knowledge and accessible admiration of the earth into your daily practice and teachings.

Topics include:

  • Movement:
  • Ocean Worship
  • Eastern Philosophy Compliments Western Philosophy’s Findings
  • Nature Appreciation
  • Meditation
  • Psychology
  • Blissology Discussions
  • Blissology rituals – bringing nature and community into classes as a central focus
  • Balancing Fun and Zen; humor with depth

Upcoming offerings Include: CANADA AUGUST 2016