Module D: Creative Sequencing


Module D: Creative Sequencing – The Power of Voice, the Art of Somatic Cueing – 75 hrs

Go deep in this training as it builds on the foundation of a 200hr training and explores the path to becoming a 500hr certified teacher, meant for new or seasoned teachers looking to learn the subtleties about the power of voice, somatic cueing and creative sequencing. This specific module hones in on the power of your voice as a teacher. Focusing on exercises that build confidence, range and control of voice you will develop your ability to captivate a group while unlocking your authentic way of being.  Use your own body to master the intuitive nature of somatic cueing so that your students relate to feeling into postures. Learn to create cues from language that is original, trustworthy, accessible and bona fide.  This course also dives into the inspired and inventive mind as it focuses on the art of creative sequencing so that you can build a class to match any group’s energy or intention.

Topics Include:CourseGoals-VoiceSomatics

Vocal awareness skills: volume control and the power of tone of voice
Chanting: history, practice and how to lead
Study of Somatics
Teach by feel, sensation and intuition
Unlock your way of being and take the seat of a teacher
Poetic Language
Sequence by Anatomy, Shape and Intuition

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