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No paper, no plastic, these tasty yoga podcasts are the way to do yoga anywhere, anytime. Hotels, Airports, Beaches, Apartments, Decks, even Jail! Download them & spread the good vibe!

These audio files are available as free yoga podcasts in the iTunes music store.

Check out the newest podcast, “blissology conduit flow” here and download the booklet below. It’s the first routine the Blissology Yoga Teacher training group (aka The Assembly of Awesomeness) learned to teach so we thought we’d share it!  Download a pdf to the blissology conduit 58 minute flow – it’s from our YTT manual.


zappos routine 3 download

aug 31: new podcast. it’s only 18 min long. the story is, i have been asked by to make some short after running yoga videos.  we went to the beach to film but the wind kept getting on the mic. i had to huddle up next to rocks and starfish to record this.  with the sunshine and the pacific vibe magic flowed. enjoy this when you only have a short period of time. expect 4 of these in full video format on soon.  download podcast and bliss out…


july 2010: enjoy this rocking podcast.  i love this one.  just the right amount of yoga for 40 min.  podcast ‘Ukee Summer Flow’ download here



download the ukee summer flow pdf + follow along!



new podcast BLISS FM: Hammock Enlightenment Special!

* To access the Eoin Finn Yoga Podcast in the iTunes music store , click here.

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