We have been working for years to create an INTELLIGENT, SYNERGISTIC and DIVERSE curriculum of courses that appeal to dedicated Yogis: whether that means DEEPENING one’s PERSONAL PRACTICE, or PROGRESSING down the TEACHING PATH.

Whether you are NEWLY Committed to finding a yoga teacher training program;  if you are an existing teacher from another yoga school and have completed a 200 hr YTT*; or if you are simply looking to LEARN MORE and EXPERIENCE a DEEPER YOGA, your journey with Blissology begins with our unique, authentic and transformative 200 hr YOGA TRAINING PROGRAM which grounds you in core Blissology Alignment principles, Philosophy and courageous inner work designed to help you articulate your authentic path and purpose in the yoga practice.   It also qualifies for the 200 hr Yoga Alliance certification.

If you are an EXISTING Yoga Teacher from another school with a 200 hr RYT, your prerequisite on the Blissology Training Path is our 100 hr Immersion (or first 100 hrs of the 200 hr YTT).

And when you are ready for MORE DEEPER KNOWLEDGE, you can join us for one of the eye-opening, creative and powerful ADVANCED immersions and modules where you will drop into that creative space where learning is always ongoing and evolutionary; and work toward our Blissology 500 hr Certification.

Going Deep! The Blissology 500 Hour Yoga Training Programs from blissology on Vimeo.

Our programs take place in California, Canada, Bali and wherever we may drop anchor, ideally in a SOULFUL, NATURAL place.  Browse through this section to learn more about each individual program and reach us with any questions.

For more info, contact us.

But before you go anywhere, here are some words straight from the heart of Blissology Founder, Eoin Finn about our Blissology Training Programs. 

Eoin Finn Blissology Yoga Teacher Training

“Dear Future Blissologist,

This will be the experience of a lifetime. Yes, you will experience intense joys and bliss but be ready for the frustrations of edges.  Prepare to breakdown in order to breakthrough.  Prepare to let out in order to let in.

You will brain will swim a little at first with the new concepts flooding it and then what once seemed elusive will become clear. Your practice will transform into the lightest and most stable practice of all.  You will find your voice to express what’s in your soul. You will wrestle demons and find your life’s ultimate purpose.

I can’t stress the importance of the COLLECTIVE.

A Blissology Yoga class is not just a solitary journey but one that is done in community and with a respect for nature.  This training will be an extension of that. You will make lifelong friends and connect on levels you never knew possible.  It won’t be just social niceitiess but we will expose most intimate and vulnerable sides of ourselves. You will learn to love yourself naked exposing both your talents and imperfections and people in this course will love you for it.   Nothing in the world will seem more real than this Love. Years from now, you will remember these people as you transmit your deepest heart in your classes or interaction with others.

You will have to wrestle with old habit patterns and make peace with your past. You will DEVELOP A CONFIDENCE that you never knew possible.  Why? It’s not just because you know yoga a revolutionary alignment system and yoga philosophy solidly; it’s because our mission is to BECOME A CONDUIT.  To be a conduit we have to learn how to get out of our own way, to not speak from the ego but to really channel a force that comes through us.. What is this force? Spirit? God?

The answer is we just don’t know. One thing is for certain is there are time when we feel it so strongly. In those times, the deepest thirst is quenched. Our hearts open, all barriers between ourselves and others disappear.  The bonds of time are broken and we feel reverence for past and future generations and all the countless beings in the earth, the air and the water. We connect to what feels like an energy that binds us all.  It’s the essence of the mystical experience.  When pushed to name it, I call it LOVE.

YOU CANNOT FAIL when you are a conduit for Love. If people don’t like what you are presenting, blame it on Love, it’s not personal! On the flip side, you can never take credit for the classes you create as that is like a radio taking credit for the music that it transmits.

Our job is to use yoga and any other means to break down these barriers that block us from this great energy of Love.  To open up our antennas so we can be conduits for this source.

At the end of our lives, the ONLY thing what will probably matter is how much of our life we spent truly connecting at this level.

This is what it means to be a Blissology Yoga Teacher.

Let’s enjoy the journey of a lifetime.

Namaste + Aloha,”



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